Process the Processing

Big decisions loom on the horizon.


Some of you are facing them, too. They're the type of decisions that affect your entire family, your finances, your established rhythms, and every aspect of your day-to-day.


Other decisions may brew at the internal, individual level, as questions perplex and bewilder:


"What's making my anxiety levels so high?"


"Why in the world do I keep doing a, b, c when all I want is to do x, y, z instead?"


"How does my faith play into how I respond to that person or situation?"

Mulling, sifting, ruminating through the questions, all the possible outcomes, and fighting unease or whatever emotion is present are all a part of the process. 


The process is made up of necessary ingredients and steps taken in order to achieve the particular end-goal. 


It's the in-between points where all the unknowns swirl about one's mind. 

The tendency for me is to rush the process.




Because it's uncomfortable and I want the end result - whatever that may be (!) - like, yesterday.


Can you relate?

What would happen if we stilled ourselves long enough to just sit awhile in the process, and allowed ourselves to become comfortable with the "uncomfortable?"


What would it look like if we gifted ourselves the freedom to be okay about not having all the answers right now?


What would it mean to discover what the process is teaching us, changing within us, and somehow birthing new life within us?


Would we be so quick to move past it if we knew the process was forever changing us?


Would love to hear how you welcome (or don't) processing!