Living on Empty

Living my days on autopilot, I found myself going through the motions. Again.

 I have no recollection of inviting this all-too-familiar mode to occupy my headspace, but somewhere along the way I dived in deeply and allowed it to take up residence.


Truth be told, maybe it’s just a part of my personal wiring that will always linger around the corner. But it's up to me to be intentional to recognize its presence. 


For me, “going through the motions” entails scattered thoughts, forgetfulness, and a general disposition of unrest and unsettledness. Several months of lousy sleep, a lax diet, health issues, and low vitamin D levels made for a perfect storm which left me feeling depleted, uninspired, and with an overall sense of being off-kilter.

“Going through the motions” drains every part of me because I know I’m not living in my truest form. Instead of living fully alive with eyes wide open, I move at the pace of molasses. I become a passive agent where life is thrown at me, rather than an active one where I’m taking deliberate steps forward. 

It’s a state of walking slumber—I become a shell of who I really am. And I know I’m not alone in this.

How often do we find ourselves living our days on autopilot? Wake up, go to work inside or outside the home, eat dinner, crawl into bed exhausted, wake up, and do it all over again.


Living from a place of depletion is never caused by just one external or internal variant it seems, but rather by forces and factors that build upon each other over time. Layer by layer, brick by brick.


We may not be able to fully identify the root(s) of those factors that overwhelm, drain, or cause us to stagnate.


Yet when we find ourselves in this place, it might mean our souls need a reset.


A soul reset looks different for each of us.


For me, it meant getting away for 36 hours and carving out time to write and create at the Guided Writing Retreat last weekend. It meant staying in a hotel room (!) and eating popcorn for dinner and taking a long shower and reading until my eyes grew heavy.


It’s amazing what a little time away to reflect, rest, and reset does for the soul.


++More to come next week as I share a few ways we can take inventory of the forces and factors in our lives that deplete us, along with practical tips to reset our souls. In the meantime, please share how “going through the motions” manifests itself in your lives.++