She Speaks Recap

I’m sure if most of us paused and thought long or hard enough, we could rattle off a list of defining moments—events in our lives that shaped us, changed us, or propelled us to move forward. These moments may be met with a sense of clarity, purpose, or peace, and perhaps we gained the courage we’d been lacking.


Most of the time, we don’t recognize defining moments when we’re in the thick of them.  


A few of my defining moments include realizing I knew I needed help overcoming an addiction to pills years ago, or, on a happier (and crazier) note, when my husband and I decided to elope shortly after we met. Defining moments may have colossal effects that spill over into every area of our lives almost immediately. Or, at least for me, they may be small ripples that are seemingly inconsequential, yet before we know it the ripples turned the tide before our eyes into something life-altering.

The latter happened to me last year after I decided to attend the She Speaks conference ( After walking away from a weekend full of like-minded, Jesus-loving creatives, communicators, and leaders, something invigorating started taking place deep within my soul. 

It was a defining moment that’s changed the trajectory of my life.

A year later, much has taken place in both my personal life and spiritual journey, but there’s one thing I know to be true: my life isn’t about me. It’s about Jesus, and about sharing His love with those around me.


She Speaks has been a catalyst in my personal growth, equipping me and empowering me to step forward in my calling as a writer, communicator, and maybe one day, a leader outside of my home.


A good friend and I attended the conference again last weekend, and after taking a few days to process a smidgen of what I learned and experienced, I’m left with this as my biggest takeaway: being used by God isn’t contingent upon whether or not I’m on a stage, whether or not I have a large social media following, or whether or not I’ve published a book. It’s about relying upon Him, and learning what it looks like to walk beside Him.  And, it’s also about living authentically in relationship with others and sharing the journey, both the good and bad.


I may not know what the future holds, but I trust the One who holds it.



// What are some of your defining moments, and how have they changed you? I’d love to know! //