My First Blog

Hi, I'm Rachel.

I grew up south of Houston in an idyllic town with extended family living nearby. We’d often leave the ‘burbs and head not much further south to the Gulf where we’d spend our days crabbing, bodyboarding, and filling our bellies with boiled shrimp. I was surrounded by Jesus-loving folks and we talked about Him like some people talk about the weather. I sang my heart out to DC Talk and went to Christian camp every summer.


But I was a lost good-girl who didn’t know Whose I was.


Fast forward a few years later to when alcohol, pills, unhealthy relationships, anxiety attacks, and self-loathing were what my life consisted of. In His mercy, God allowed me to hit rock bottom.


What a ride the last 14 years have been since starting my journey with Jesus!

I married my hubby 50 days after I met him in a sports bar in Waikiki. Ten years later, we are parents to two spirited girls and have lived in Hawaii, Texas, New Hampshire, Washington DC, and North Carolina since getting hitched.

Why Savoring Freedom. Living Ablaze.

Because these words speak life to me. They ignite something deep within, and I am reminded of my true identity in Christ despite what circumstances may look like.


These words keep me grounded and I pray they do the same for you.


I want my words to inspire and encourage. Nothing sets my soul on fire like seeing Christ restore, redeem, and rename His people.


As a self-proclaimed external processor, writing has long been my childhood friend - comforting me when I needed to work things out.. As any writer knows, there’s something cathartic in allowing our inner thoughts flow onto the page. I’ve longed to chronicle my journey as a follower of Jesus and to share nuggets of wisdom with others about the Father’s love.


So…here it goes.